​The 5 Essentials – Change Your Choices, Transform Your Life

Your first visit with Dr Rosie Main is focused on assessing your lifestyle and helping you understand your health’s current state.

At Main Health Solutions, we believe that the first step to living a maximized life is understanding your own health. The 5 Essentials delivery system is a complete and effective way of establishing good health, helping you understand why your physical and mental health is important and how you can sustain it. This system indicates what is interfering with your well-being and how to remove these negative interference, allowing your body to begin functioning properly again. The 5 Essentials provide you with the tools you need to achieve a state of optimal health, naturally.

The 5 Essentials are more than just an aspiration — incorporating them into your life will help you look and feel your best while improving your body’s resistance to disease and illness.  Everyone’s body is different, and everyone has unique needs, health challenges, and desires — that’s why we help you set health and wellness goals that are customized and specific to you.

A healthy body starts with a healthy mind. The 5 Essentials begin with understanding the true principles of health and healing, and creating a mindset of success.
A renewed mindset about health and wellness is necessary to follow a new lifestyle plan. Good mental health requires a lifestyle that supports healthy brain function, neurological nutrients, adequate sleep, as well as time and stress management.
Understanding the importance of how the modern medical system is failing us is the first step in true health care. Modern life adds additional stresses to our bodies, which cause sleeplessness, stress, mental illness, and the growth of using prescription medications. The first step in the 5 Essentials is to assess your current state and understand the importance of improving and maintaining your health.

The 5 Essentials of Maximized Living are based on the proven importance of spinal correction, which aids in maintaining proper nervous system function. Your spine is responsible for all function and healing, as it connects all of the cells, organs, and systems in the body.
​Improper spinal alignment is common and is caused by physical, chemical, and emotional stress that affects your body every day. Spinal misalignments diminish nerve supply and weaken the body, causing poor body function and symptoms of bad health.
It is important to address nerve supply as the foundational challenge to living to your full potential — optimizing nerve supply allows your body’s systems to interact and integrate without interference. This unlocks your body’s own power and natural potential for peak performance, optimal health, and quick healing.
Finding a doctor who is trained in the detection and correction of spinal misalignment and abnormalities is important in maximizing nerve supply. A chiropractor will provide you with proper spinal correction, rehab, and the home care that is necessary for complete correction of the spine and nervous system.

The right nutritional science sustains your mental and physical well-being, aids in disease prevention, and helps maintain an ideal weight.
A key idea in the 5 Essentials is that what you put into your body affects not only how your body functions, but how you feel every day. Unhealthy diets such as those that are high in grains and sugars, have pH or omega-3 imbalances, or are nutrient deficient, all have negative effects on your physical and mental health, and can lead to diseases, illnesses, and other symptoms.
Maximized Living knows that every person is different, so we focus on helping you identify your body’s specific nutritional needs. Our nutritional assessments help create a blueprint of your unique needs for energy, immunity, resilience, and overcoming or preventing illness and disease. They also provide the data needed to help you understand your current nutritional baseline. Maximized Living uses this information to shape a diet plan for you to eat better and to determine which nutritional supplements you may need.
Our nutritional programs go beyond weight loss — they aim to improve your body composition, helping improve the body’s muscle-to-fat ratio. This is a crucial goal for better health, and we’re proud to help thousands of people accomplish this goal every day.

The 5 Essentials’ exercise programs work to facilitate optimum physical fitness in minimal time, ensuring that you can stay in shape no matter how busy you are.
Exercise helps your body take in higher levels of oxygen, creating lean muscle. Studies have shown that regular exercise consistently matches or exceeds the benefits of drugs — like antidepressants — for medical conditions and diseases.
By maximizing your oxygen levels and lean muscle, your body will decrease in fat. This builds your performance while increasing your body’s ability to fight stress, anxiety, and other illnesses ranging from heart disease to cancer. A lack of exercise causes malfunctions that interfere with your physical and mental health.
Regular physical activity and training regulates hormone levels, boosts the body’s immune functions, helps maintain a healthy body weight, and lowers body fat. This all aids in reducing the risk of breast and other cancers. Maximized Living’s exercise plan is short but fast-paced; it will give you more stamina and energy while improving your body’s ability to respond positively to physical, mental, and chemical stress. Exercise, combined with the rest of the 5 Essentials, will supercharge your ability to perform well and stay concentrated in all areas of your life.

The 5 Essentials promote and support the body’s natural ability to permanently remove toxins from the cells.Toxins and chemicals are everywhere in our lives, including in products like household cleaners, refined foods, personal care products, medications, and the items we cook with.
These toxins affect our bodies in different ways, and ultimately combine to prevent us from obtaining optimum mental and physical health.
Maximized Living understands that good health and longevity depends on regaining your body’s natural balance and helping it detoxify itself. Detoxification is both the body’s first and last line of defense against dangerous toxins that we come into contact with every day. The 5 Essentials drive detoxification by helping the body remove toxins that are already present in the body, while also promoting new lifestyle habits that reduce the exposure and risk of toxins.