Unsuspecting Families Are Feeding Their Children Contaminated Finger Foods

My pediatrician told me that my when my infant was about 9 months old (maybe a bit older) he was ready for solid foods like original Cheerios. So I followed the doctor’s advice, I kept a ready supply of this handy finger food in my diaper bag. My children ate boxes and boxes of Cheerios. In fact, I served it almost daily. Like you, I thought I was feeding my family a nutritious source of ‘whole grain part of a balanced diet’. Unwittingly, I was filling their body with high levels of toxic glyphosate and the 10,000 food additive chemicals, all of which are allowed to be added (directly or indirectly) to their food.

75% of US foods are contaminated with Roundup with

Now, my children are suffering from ADD, anxiety, depression, chronic constipation and a myriad of other ailments that are linked to imbalance known as a “leaky gut”. People who have leaky gut are more likely to have a number of other health problems including “gastrointestinal issues such as inflammatory bowel disease, chronic diarrhea, colitis and Crohn’s disease, obesity, cardiovascular disease, depression, cancer, cachexia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and ALS, among others.”Our gut is the key to our health and wellness. its responsible for 75% of our immune response. <Learn More about Leaky Gut>
Glyphosate responsible for gut imbalance?
Glyphosate is the key ingredient of the herbicide Roundup, more than one billion pounds sprayed in the US alone. It’s applied to our food as little as three days before harvest. It is absorbed into the plant and can’t be washed away. It is catastrophic to the beneficial gut bacteria that is responsible for our immune system response.Monsanto has steadfastly claimed that Roundup is harmless to animals and humans because the mechanism of action it uses (which allows it to kill weeds), called the shikimate pathway, is absent in all animals. However, the shikimate pathway IS present in bacteria, and that’s the key to understanding how it causes such widespread systemic harm in both humans and animals.
The bacteria in your body outnumber your cells by 10 to one. For every cell in your body, you have 10 microbes of various kinds, and all of them have the shikimate pathway, so they will all respond to the presence of glyphosate!
Glyphosate causes extreme disruption of the microbe’s function and lifecycle. What’s worse, glyphosate preferentially affects beneficial bacteria, allowing pathogens to overgrow and take over, including the highly toxic Clostridium botulinum.
In the interview above, Dr. Seneff reviews a variety of chronic diseases, explaining how glyphosate contributes to each condition. So to learn more, I urge you to listen to it in its entirety. It’s quite eye-opening. According to Dr. Seneff, glyphosate is possibly “the most important factor in the development of multiple chronic diseases and conditions that have become prevalent in Westernized societies.”
It’s disconcerting to say the least. I did what my doctor said, and fed my children Cheerios and other foods recommended by the government via the food pyramid. Now my children are part of the statistic of that is 54% of children suffering from chronic illness and disease.
Not giving up the possibility of healing my kids
My mission, to see if I can undo the damage, support their body’s healing processes and help them to make better food choices. Its never to late to start making a change and to heal from the damage done. This is what we are doing to help detox the glyphosate, build our guts and provide nutrient-dense foods to support healing.

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